Chamber Jazz

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Chamber Jazz provides precollege and adult jazz enthusiasts of all levels with the opportunity to learn, rehearse, and perform together in small ensembles or ‘combos.’  Ensembles are formed by grouping students together by ability, experience, and age.

The foundation of any combo consists of a drum set, piano, double bass (or electric bass).  Additional instrumentation may include guitar (electric), trumpet, trombone, string instruments (violin, viola, or cello), and woodwind instruments (clarinet, saxophone).  Other ‘unusual instruments’ are possible as well.

Chamber Jazz ensembles work with faculty coaches and Mason Gross collegiate interns on Sunday afternoons, for two hours, on a monthly basis (October–April).  Each session is two (2) hours in duration.  During the first hour-and-a-half, the coach and intern will work with the group.  During the last half hour, the intern works with the ensemble on his/her own to review what has been taught, and to prepare the group to practice effectively for the next coaching session.

Large ensemble opportunities are available for precollege students in our Rutgers Youth Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Dave Miller.

MGSA Extension Div. Summer Jazz Institute 7-29-11